Can chickens be out in the rain?

Chickens are fine in the rain primarily due to their feathers. In fact, they can actually be out in the rain for quite a while without actually getting wet! Okay, so their feathers will get wet – but their skin can stay quite dry under all of those feathers.

Most chickens are sensible and will seek shelter when there is heavy rain. Many chicken breeds are relatively hardy, and a little rain won’t hurt them; however, all of them will need somewhere to seek shelter and enough space to avoid chickens that are higher in the pecking order who might bully them if they get too close.

Chickens Are Okay in the Rain While chickens aren’t a waterfowl (like ducks), they are still okay in the rain . Chickens, before being domesticated, did fine in the rain.

Sporadic exposure to the rain should be fine for most chickens. If you have a day or two of rain, your chickens will most likely be ok, as long as they are drying off for a while in a warm area. There are a few issues that can occur with heavy or prolonged exposure to the rain when it comes to chickens.

Should I let the chickens out in the rain?

It’s raining right now and is very wet and chilly. They can take rain quite well. The black star and plymouth rock don’t look so bad.. Mine like the rain. It seems like they stay pretty dry under the feathers, despite looking like drown rats. Ibicella, g_a_brand, chickensioux, biddyboo, or sbates may be interesting too.

Can chickens get sick from the rain?

Rain can be beneficial to chickens, though most chickens know to seek shelter before the weather gets too bad. Chickens who are younger or less experienced, such as rescues, may not know that too much rain is a bad thing. Some rain can help bring bugs like worms to the surface, but too much rain may make your chicken sick.