Should chicken coop be in sun or shade?

The placement of your coop is one of the biggest things to consider when looking out for the health of your chickens. In the winter, these trees also provide an excellent windbreak insulating the coop and keeping those blustery winds at bay.

Can you put a chicken coop in the Sun?

You can move the coop to shade in the summer and into the sunlight in the winter. Do chicken coops need at least some sun? Chicken coops don’t need to have sun, but chickens do need exposure to sunlight to remain healthy and happy. They can get this exposure in their runs. Under what circumstances should chicken coops be built in the sun?

If you live in a very cold place (or you have deciduous trees that provide shade in the warm months), you may want to consider building your chicken coop in an orientation where it gets the most sun. Typically, you will want to build your coop with your largest window on the south side.

Do chickens need to be in sunlight or shade?

However, chickens only need a moderate amount of sunlight and do require shade. Too much exposure or excessive exposure to sunlight can prove fatal. Chickens are interesting birds with their very own unique requirements.

Chickens need sunlight. The sun determines their daily sleep/wake schedule and the light helps them synthesize and produce the hormones required for egg production. However, chickens only need a moderate amount of sunlight and do require shade.

Do chickens need direct sunlight?

When given the opportunity, chickens will “self-regulate” as far as sunshine, shade, etc. If they have free acess to the outside, they will do great with having shade available as well as direct sunlight. Deep shade is also very important during the hot summer days.

How much sunlight do my chickens need?

Your Hens need to have consistency when laying eggs, so through the year, they’ll adjust to the seasons. With that said, they’ll need a minimum of 16 hours of sunlight with 8 hours of roosting time. As winter approaches you’ll see that 12 hours of light slows them down much more.

Do chickens prefer hot or cold coops?

For most climates, your chickens will prefer a coop that is built in the shade, because chickens generally suffer more from heat than cold. Additionally, hot coops are difficult to cool down, whereas cold coops can be warmed up. Regardless, insulation is necessary in almost all coops.

You may be asking “Do chickens need supplemental heat?”

You Don’t Need Heat in the Coop Your chickens gradually acclimate to colder weather as the season moves from fall to winter. Hardy chickens should not need a heat lamp or other source of supplemental heat even in a cold winter. Chickens don’t need a heated coop, but they do need a dry coop (see ventilation above).

Do I need to insulate my chicken coop?

I can’t stress this enough. Whether you build your coop in the sun or in the shade, you absolutely need to insulate your chicken coop. A non-insulated coop will fry your chickens in the summer, and freeze them in the winter. Even if your chickens are able to survive such conditions, they will live a much-reduced quality of life.