Why is chicken noodle soup good for sick?

“Chicken soup has value in that it’s a fluid, which helps you stay hydrated, and it has electrolytes in it, and these are good things for people who are sick,” says Daniel Flanders, a paediatrician in Toronto. Chicken noodle soup has been used as a remedy for centuries, and there is some science to back up the feel-good factor.

The soup might not be able to cure the entire cold itself, but it can reduce irritating symptoms of the common cold. Even for those who claim there are no actual physical effects, it can emotionally and psychologically make you feel better. Overall, eating chicken noodle soup during a cold certainly is not a bad idea.

The chicken is packed with protein and the noodles give you a serving of carbohydrates. It’s no wonder that this hearty soup makes you feel better. Your best bet is to make the recipe from scratch, so that you can control the sodium content. Regardless, soup and plenty of liquids are the solution to healing the body from sickness .

Why does soup sound so good when you are sick?

When you’re on the sick list, these soothing soups are easy to eat and can help fight congestion while keeping you nourished and hydrated. Sometimes, simply breathing in the warm and fragrant steam from a comforting bowl of soup is enough to make you feel a little bit better.

What are the health benefits of chicken soup?

Protein like health benefits whey proteinAmino acid, vitamin Mineral in health benefits of sea salt, carbohydrate, and iron.

The next thing we asked ourselves was, what is the nutritional value of chicken noodle soup?

There are 128 calories in 1 cup of Chicken Noodle Soup (Home Recipe). Calorie breakdown: 20% fat, 22% carbs, 58% protein. Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen.