Why are chickens protected in key west?

Locals have a love/hate relationship with the birds. Often certain individuals love them while others want them gone. Key West chickens have protected-species status, so people can’t kill or injure them. Creative plans evolved for controlling the birds, one of which involved turning an oversized mountain of trash into an island for the chickens.

It’s believed chickens were originally brought over from Cuba and the Caribbean Islands for food and cockfighting. When this practice was outlawed, excess chickens were left to fend for themselves.

Make Sure They’ve Been Locked up for a Week. I’ve seen varying opinions on how long chickens should be kept in their coop before being let out to roam. Check for Predators. You have to be as sure as you can be that there are no risks of predators getting your chickens. Stick to a Routine.

The chosen answer was key West chickens that roam the streets are descendants of jungle fowl that originated in Cuba and the Caribbean islands. These birds were brought here by our island ancestors and used as food.

So, what breed of chickens are in Key West?

Cornish Cross and their associated hybrids are extremely favored when it comes to raising your own chickens for meat purposes., and via https://www., and cacklehatchery. Com/ The Jersey Giant chickens have their origins in the US as they were developed with the basic thought of replacing the classic turkey. A couple more items to think about: bresse, and orpington.

Why is it against the law to kill chickens in Key West?

It is against the law in Key West to kill the local chickens. Local folklore says the law dates back to voodoo practices involving the sacrifice of chickens. And while the chickens make Key West a unique place, some of the locals are very unhappy with them.

The most effective way to keep your chickens safe is to close them in a coop during the night. Select sturdy fencing that doesn’t allow weasels and raccoons to grab a chicken through the wire. Check there are no areas that provide a gap that a weasel can slip through., and more items.

Why you should keep backyard chickens?

OK, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Lifestyle choice, comfort of self sufficiency, natural pesticide, so many factory-farmed chickens are fed complete crap, entertainment, space saving, exercise and health benefits, know what’s in your food, chickens are the original recyclers, and responsibility and education are a couple extra things to pay attention too.

Would you like to adopt a Key West Chicken?

The wildlife center will gladly let people from outside of the Florida Keys adopt a bird. An agreement has to be signed stating that the bird is to be a pet and not used for meat. All adopted chickens come with a letter attesting to their authentic breeding as a “Key West Chicken”!

What is the Wildlife Center doing to help the chickens?

Since 2009, the Wildlife Center has been part of a concession agreement with the City of Key West to provide rescue, medical care and adoption services for the feral chickens of Key West. Through this agreement we have worked to provide the best possible environment for the chickens under our care with an emphasis on nutrition and cleanliness.