How do chickens take care of their young?

This is what a typical bird will do to ensure the safety of its eggs and young: Build a good nest in a safe spot
Incubate their eggs after they lay them
Feed their young when they hatch
Protect their young from predators


You should be thinking “How do chickens feed their young?”

Chickens feed their young by showing them how to eat the same food that they themselves eat. Mother hens have a specific cluck they use to attract the attention of the chicks and then proceed to pick up and drop whatever food they are trying to get the chicks to eat.

Weekly Care of Chickens. Once a week I like to make sure their food and water is not only full, but take the opportunity to give their feeder and waterer a good I try to spend some time with the ladies every so often. I’m not one to go out and talk to my chickens on a daily basis. Some extra things to investigate: check their bedding, and make sure the nesting boxes are clean.

When I was reading we ran into the question “What to feed young chickens?”.

Apples (make sure you remove the seeds before allowing them at it), strawberries, grapes, berries, peaches, fruit peels, and nearly every other fruit can be fed to chickens. Pumpkins & Squash are a great option when it comes to what to feed chickens, these can be fed raw or cooked to your chickens.

How many chickens should I raise?

You should not raise just one chicken. Most experts recommend raising between three and six chickens and limiting this number to four if you are a beginner.

What is the best baby chick feed?

“Chick Starter Feed” or “Start and Grow ” is what to feed baby chicks. These rations will advertise between 18% to 22% crude protein content on the tag. Anything lower or significantly higher in protein content is inappropriate for use as a chick starter feed. How long to feed starter feed largely depends on the specific ration you’ve chosen.