How do lemurs help the environment?

Lemurs play an important role in the ecology of Madagascar and the Comores Islands, because they disperse seeds from the fruit they eat. These seeds can then grow into new plants, which is important because the forests of Madagascar are being destroyed at a very high rate.

Why should we protect lemurs?

Lemurs are an effective indicator of total non-primate community richness in Madagascar, which is another way of saying that protecting lemurs will protect biodiversity. Our results can help pinpoint where to start.

By respecting Madagascar’s unique ecology, you can help combat the conservation crisis. Just remember, it’s fine if you don’t actually see lemurs in the dense forests—the important thing is that they’re still out there.

What are some behaviors for lemurs?

Some unmistakably affiliative behaviors that are unique to lemurs are sun-bathing and huddling. Lemurs have well adapted body temperature regulation; they use techniques such as: sun basking, preferably, or huddling in troops, if necessary, as a product of behavioral adaptations.

One thought is that the males engage in stink-fights to woo a female by spreading a stinky scent from scent glands on their wrist onto their tail, and flinging the stink at each other using their tails.

What lemurs can you own as a pet?

This is one of the few states that still allow a vast number of exotic animals including some species of big cats, bears, and wild canines. All primates in the Sunshine State require permits, but some of these permits are simple to acquire. A couple extra items to keep in mind: mississippi, nevada, west virginia, and north dakota.

What do lemurs eat and where do they live?

When available, tamarind can make up as much as 50% of the Lemurs diet yearly. The Lemur is also known to eat flowers, herbs, bark and sap. Additionally, it has been observed eating decayed wood, earth, insects and small vertebrates. Lemurs have several different habitats on Madagascar ranging from rainforests to dry areas of the island.

What do lemurs like to eat?

Many lemurs love to eat fruit. When they eat fruit, they cannot digest the seeds. The seeds leave the lemur’s body in their droppings or feces. As lemurs travel throughout the forest, they spread their droppings, which spreads the seeds in their own natural fertilizer.

What do red ruffed lemurs do for fun?

Above: red ruffed lemurs here at the Duke Lemur Center. Painting is an enrichment activity that lets lemurs explore their creative side while encouraging foraging behavior in an environment that is different than what they usually experience. Watch as a family of red ruffed lemurs embrace their inner artists here.