How long can guinea pigs be alone?

You should never leave your Guinea Pig alone and unattended for longer than 24 hours. 12 hours at most is generally considered to be more ideal. Even if you leave them with plenty of food and water, Guinea Pigs are reliant on your care and will likely require your attention within that time.

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Although you shouldn’t really leave your Guinea Pig alone for any extended length of time, if you are planning to leave them for up to 24 hours, here are the things that you should ensure are in place: If you have several Guinea Pigs living alongside one another, they are an established herd (not likely to fight) .

How much time should I spend with my guinea pig?

You can spend more time with your guinea pig. Most experts say spending 2 hours or more each day will help you bond and makes your pet more comfortable.

Can guinea pigs survive a day out of town?

Leaving them alone while you have to go out of town for a day, they could survive but for longer than that would not be good. It would be ideal if you had someone that could look after your guinea pig while you are gone.

A guinea pig cannot go more than 12-24 hours without hay. Within 12 hours they will start to have trouble with their digestive system and become seriously ill within 24 hours. Water bottle leak—the water bottle works on the principle of vacuum and if anything goes wrong, and then the bottle can leak and soak the bedding or become clogged.

What happens if you leave a guinea pig in a cage?

The poop will build up, causing a harmful ammonia buildup in the cage. This is especially true if there is no proper ventilation in the room. This can be very dangerous for your guinea pig. Escape from their cage—when you leave you to have to make sure that there is no way they can get out of the cage.

How to take care of a pet guinea pig when traveling?

If you have to leave them alone when traveling, you might need to ensure they have more than enough food, multiple sources of water, and plenty of green veggies to last a day. Else, hire someone to look after them.