How many chickens can I keep in my backyard?

Common statutes include the following types of restrictions:

Limit to flock size —no more than 4 chickens is typical. Hens only — in many areas no roosters are allowed. No free ranging — a flock may need to be cooped at all times. Building permit — coop must comply with building regulations. Setbacks — distance of coop and fence from houses and roads., and more items.

For example, if you have limited space, you cannot have more than a few. If you choose a large breed, you will even limit your options. You cannot keep more than two. You might need to consider the coop size as well. If you have a coop for two chickens, you cannot have more than two.

How many chickens can you have in a house?

For small families, you can have only two to three chickens. It will serve your purpose. Some other things will contribute to the result such as the availability of the space in your backyard and the breed you are interested in.

Can I keep chickens in my neighborhood?

Many cities allow keeping chickens in residential neighborhoods. Laws on keeping chickens vary from from city to city, so check your local ordinances. Some cities limit the maximum number of birds, their proximity to the home, or allow hens but prohibit roosters.

Are backyard chickens allowed in my Town?

Many townships, villages and cities have embraced the benefits of backyard flocks; however, chicken keeping is not yet permitted everywhere. Ask local officials if backyard chicken coops are permitted. Contact your local government officials to ask about your city’s chicken ordinance and determine if backyard chickens are permitted.

Keeping backyard poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and turkeys) is becoming more popular. People enjoy raising baby poultry including chicks, ducklings, goslings, and poults.

How much space do chickens need to live in a coop?

For a backyard chicken flock, a good general rule of thumb is about 2 – 3 square feet of space inside the coop per chicken, and about 8 – 10 square feet of outside space per chicken. This amount of space is comfortable for a nice domestic flock of chickens, although even more outdoor space is always appreciated.

How do I find out the zoning rules for keeping chickens?

The local city hall or zoning office will be able to issue you with a copy of their rules – “ordinances” – regarding the keeping of chickens in the area of their jurisdiction. Having a copy of this at home will be handy should you run into problems with neighbors. These are public records. You may even find zoning maps online.