How much meat will a 1000 pound cow yield?

So being a dairy breed, realistically figure you will get 250 lbs useable meat back from a 1,000 lb animal. That’s mostly all boneless cuts, and not alot of fat.

A typical 1,200-pound cow is going to yield about 500 pounds in useable beef. When you are weighing a cow to determine the amount of beef that you can get, some other measurements will come into play . When the cow is killed, the weight of the carcass will be measured.

Total digestible nutrients (TDN): 1-2% of body weight. Energy: 2 Mcal / 100 lbs body weight. Crude protein: 3 lbs per animal. Calcium: 0.12 lbs for smaller animals, gradually decreasing to 0.11 lbs for larger animals. Phosphorus: 0.06 lbs per animal.

Your yield may reasonably be: As you can see, the take home weight is less than half of the original weight of the animal. Ground beef could easily make up around 50% of that weight .

How much ground beef for a 1200 pound cow?

You have a 1200 pound cow. You ask for a nice variety of boneless and bone-in cuts, and ask for 85/15 ground beef. Your yield may reasonably be:.

Here is what my research found. so, to summarize: A 1200 steer, ½ inch fat, average muscling, yields a 750 pound carcass. The 750 pound carcass yields approximately: 490 pounds boneless trimmed beef A specific example of how the 490 pounds of boneless, trimmed beef could break out includes: 185 pounds lean trim, or ground beef 85 pounds round roasts and steaks.

How much does a cow weigh in kg?

The average cow weighs 1,200 lbs. (544.8 kg) and has a life span (if left alone) of 18 years, but 25-30 are possible. Cows provide many different products for people, like food, clothing, pet food and fertilizer.

To sum up, the average cow weighs between 800 and 1400lbs, although their weight varies drastically by breed and depending on their diet, age, and sex. In the United States, the average weight of a beef cow is 1,390lbs, the average weight of a dairy cow is 1,200lbs, and the average weight of all adult cows is approximately 1345lbs (610kg).

How much does it cost to buy a cow?

Generally speaking, a cow will cost between $2,000 and $5,000 a cow. The actual cost depends on the weight of the cow, the gender, and the breed. Yearlings usually sell for between $800 and $1,500. Cows will also differ in price based on whether or not they are dairy cows or beef cows.