Why do penguins live?

Penguins are the typical class of family of the birds. The leading cause for their living in the extreme cold climate of Antarctica is seafood like fish, krill, and squid, which are abundantly available, and these foods are rich in oxygen.

Due to the adaptation of their marine lifestyle, they have to live in a cold climate and islands. All penguins species don’t live in the southern hemisphere, only two species – Adelie and emperor penguins live there. Other species live in temperate waters, in waters around New Zealand and surrounding seas.

A common query we ran across in our research was “How do Penguins adapt to their environment?”.

In addition, because they are marine birds, they have unique adaptations which enables them to live at sea. Usually, penguins live near cold-water currents that are rich in nutrients and can provide enough food supply.

One source claimed certain species of penguin live nearby to the equator, and usually, any bird can alter its habitat and do the migration to the north once they are not in the season of breeding. The habitat of the penguins varies from species to species, as they all possess particular climate necessities.

So, why don’t penguins swim in the ocean?

Another answer is although penguins are able to swim long distances, they are predominately shore birds and thus do not venture far into the ocean. They have easy access to prey, while nearby predators prevent them venturing too far from their habitat. In the North Pole, predators such as polar bears and arctic foxes would limit their survival.

Why do penguins kidnap?

We experimentally tested the hypothesis that kidnapping behaviour was the result of high residual levels of prolactin (PRL), a hormone involved in parental behaviour. Penguins with artificially decreased PRL levels by bromocriptine administration kidnapped chicks less often than control penguins.

Why do Penguins give birth to babies?

The cause seems to be the unusual hormonal chemistry of emperor penguins. The female birds produce a certain hormone, called prolactin, involved in parental behavior.

Why do penguins have high prolactin levels?

The female birds produce a certain hormone, called prolactin, involved in parental behavior. But while in case of most birds the levels of prolactin drop when the eggs are removed from them even before they hatch, in case of penguins the prolactin levels remain high for a long period.