Why do penguins need to smell?

Scientists at the University of Chicago and the Chicago Zoological Society report that penguins use a highly-developed sense of smell to identify their kin, thus avoiding interbreeding with relatives. “Smell is likely the primary mechanism for kin recognition to avoid inbreeding within the colony,” said Heather Coffin, lead author of the paper.

Penguins don’t smell bad to each other. Obviously, all the penguins are smelly, so they don’t have the ability to distinguish their smelly bodies. They mate, live, play, feed and grow together. One interesting fact is that they recognize their mates by their smell. And this odour is one of the factors in mate choice.

A penguin’s sense of smell may be more developed than early studies indicated. The olfactory lobe of a penguin’s brain is large. Studies on Humboldt penguins and African penguins indicate that at least some species can smell prey-related odors, which may help them locate productive foraging areas at sea.

Penguins may also use their sense of smell for another important task. While many have now studied how birds can use their sense of smell for important functions like navigation and foraging, one fascinating study looked at how Humboldt Penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) might use their sense of smell to recognize mates or family members.

Are penguins clean?

And those pictures of adorable, clean penguins are spectacular, but sadly they are not entirely accurate. As I experienced firsthand in Antarctica, penguins are also incredibly dirty and very smelly. One of the best encounters I had with penguins during my Antarctica cruise was on Orne Island, home to a large colony of chinstrap penguins.

What do penguins do during the day?

Yet you will mainly find penguins hunting during the day. Research also indicates that penguins are able to see in color. It is also believed that they have good sense of smell. Penguins spend long time in water.

There are a few things you may not know about penguins though, facts that cute commercials and cartoons conveniently leave out. Dirty and smelly – Everyone sees a picture of a cute penguin and their hearts usually melt instantly. And those pictures of adorable, clean penguins are spectacular, but sadly they are not entirely accurate.

Does a penguin have a stomach?

These penguins do not have a crop, but their two-chambered stomach stores food in the first chamber, the proventriculus so that it can return to its chicks. The majority of digestion takes place in the bird’s gizzard, with the aid of grit to help crush down food or more robust materials.

Why are people so attracted to Pinguins?

Penguins aren’t your average birds, and I think one reason why most people are so drawn to them is because of these emotive qualities. Sure fluffy babies are cute, but it’s even more adorable to watch an adult and baby interact, knowing that there is real love there.