Can a bunny have a guinea pig cage?

The short answer to this question is “no.” Rabbits and guinea pigs should never be caged together for a number of very important reasons. Rabbits are happiest with at least one other friendly rabbit.

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One way to think about this is a rabbit tends to need much more space for exercise than a guinea pig and therefore keeping them together can be a challenge. If the enclosure is big enough for a rabbit, this will mean that he will spend a lot of the day jumping around with the risk of injuring the guinea pig in the process.

Guinea pigs, being social creatures, do best kept in groups of two or more, but most readily available commercial cages are not large enough to house a pair of pigs. The “old” guideline of 2 square feet per guinea pig is considered out-of-date and cramped by many owners .

Are rabbits bad for guinea pigs?

On top of this, rabbits are often known to bully guinea pigs which can be very stressful to the animal and can even result in their death. Rabbits are known to carry a disease called Bordetella bronchiseptia which is a leading cause of lung problems within the guinea pig species.

A hapless guinea pig could find itself on the wrong end of an over-friendly bunny’s attentions. Although the guinea pig could not get pregnant, it could become stressed or even be injured if a larger rabbit tried to mount it. Rabbits and guinea pigs communicate in totally different ways.

Where are guinea pigs most common as pets?

Guinea pigs are social animals, so it’s recommended to keep them in same-sex pairs to prevent loneliness and boredom. Similar pets to the guinea pig, housing the guinea pig, food and water, common health problems, and purchasing your guinea pig too are a couple extra things to examine.

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Which country are guinea pigs from?

The contemporary guinea pig is native to South America, and especially the Andes region. They came from a species called “Restless Cavy” or Cavia Cutleri.” Guinea pigs were given this name as they sleep with their eyes wide open.

France: lapins de Barbarie (meaning: Barbary rabbits)Germany and Russia: meerschweinchen and morskaya svinka (meaning of both: little sea pigs)Portugal: porchitas da India (meaning: little pigs from India ).