Where can you have a lemur as a pet?

It is legal to own a lemur in a surprisingly high number of US states, including Alabama, Kansas, and Missouri (though the city of St. Louis finds it illegal). Other states where it is legal to have a pet lemur are: Iowa Minnesota.

Moreover, can I have a lemur as a pet?

One article argued that the fact that lemurs are called exotic pets, itself reveals that bringing them home as pets is not an easy task. Getting a License. People who wish to own an exotic pet need special license to do so. A few extra ideas to take a look at are diet, vaccinations, and neutering, temperament, cost, types of lemurs, or training a lemur.

What lemurs can you own as a pet?

This is one of the few states that still allow a vast number of exotic animals including some species of big cats, bears, and wild canines. All primates in the Sunshine State require permits, but some of these permits are simple to acquire. Nevada, north dakota, mississippi, and west virginia as well are a couple extra ideas to pay attention too.

Does a lemur make a good pet?

Yet, despite their popularity as pets, it turns out that lemurs do not make good pets at all. In fact, they are the wrong type of animal to have in your house as a pet because they can carry some diseases and parasites, which could be dangerous for humans. They also have specific dietary requirements and need plenty of space to live in captivity.

Is it legal to keep a lemur as a pet?

However, when there is a demand, it happens anyway.

Another thing we asked ourselves was, are lemurs illegal to have as pets in the US?

Unlike the United States where many states permit businesses to breed and sell lemurs for private ownership, in Madagascar most pet lemurs are captured from the wild (Reuter et al. 2016, 2019).