How many people will a 30 lb pig feed?

Feeder pigs need 600-700 pounds of feed per pig to reach 260 pounds live weight. Raising pigs to 300+ pounds of live weight will require an additional 200 pounds (or more) of feed, increasing the total feed needed per pig a minimum of 900 pounds.

Make a list of the guests you want to invite. Count the names on the list. Multiply this figure by one and a half. This is the number of pounds of dressed hog carcass you will purchase from the butcher. For 50 people you will need 50 x 1.5 or 75 pounds.

At what age should a pig reach market weight?

Pigs should reach market weight (275 pounds) by 18-20 weeks of age. Pigs in the nursery will gainabout 1 pound per day and use about 1.5 lbs. Of feed for every pound of gain. We often call this the feed to gain ratio – F/G. Pigs in grow finish will average about 1.75 pounds gain per day, with a feed conversion ratio of about 2.75.

Another frequent query is “How much should a pig weigh to market?”.

Dietary needs will increase daily with a pig’s weight. Growing pigs, those weighing 40 to 125 pounds, and finishing pigs, those weighing 125 pounds to market weight (approximately 230 pounds or more) should transition from the grower feeds that are nutrient dense with more protein to the finisher feeds that are less dense.

How much does a pig weigh when market ready?

¥As the pigs grow, they are monitored daily to ensure that they are healthy. ¥At about six months of age, the pigs weigh about 280 lbs. And are then market ready.

How big does a pig have to be to creep feed?

Piglets (Under 40 lbs.) – Piglets, younger pigs that weigh less than 40 pounds, must be introduced to a solid diet through creep feeding while they are still suckling. Dietary needs will increase daily with the weight of pigs.

The next thing we asked ourselves was: how much does a pig weigh at 6 months?

¥At about six months of age, the pigs weigh about 280 lbs. And are then market ready. Average Weights GESTATION(pregnancy) ¥Gilts (female pigs) reach maturity and are bred at 170 to 220 days of age.

You might be thinking “How much does a pig weigh at the end of nursery?”

At the end of the nursery phase, the pigs enter a feeder-to-finish, or simply, the finishing stage, where at approximately 6 months they reach a desired slaughter weight of above 280 pounds, which will produce an approximate 210 pound carcass. A desired slaughter weight is the optimum market weight.

What is the best age to butcher a pig?

Most pigs will reach butchering size and weight at 5.5-6 months of age. This is for a 250-260 pound pig. If you are targeting more in the 300+ pound range, allow for another month or so. The only catch here is you need to know when they were born. If you buy your feeder pigs directly from a farmer, all of this is easy.