How much should half a cow cost?

Buying a whole cow or half a cow (not a quarter cow) will get you the best deal. A whole or a half cow is comparable in price when you break down the hanging weight and finished cuts price per pound. But a quarter cow is more expensive than both, running between $7.07 – $9.28 per pound.

One source claimed the cost to have the meat aged, cut, wrapped and frozen so it’s ready to take home is $1.40 per pound hanging weight. Hanging weight is usually 59% to 62% of the live weight. This is payable to the butcher. As an example, buying half of a 1,200-pound cow would cost: $2,100 to the rancher for the live animal.

The price of a cow varies, depending on what you want to do with it. The price of a half cow is around $2,000, while the price of a quarter is closer to $1,500. A quarter cow is a crap shoot, and you will get fewer cuts of meat.

How much meat do you get from a quarter cow?

Recommended for families with 1-2 adults and a kid or two. Will take up half of a small chest freezer or 25% of small upright freezer. Each cut is individually wrapped, except steaks which generally come 2 per pack. Includes New York steaks, Rib Steaks, Tenderloin/Filets, Sirloin Steaks, a variety of 2-3 lb., and more items.

Another frequently asked question is “How much meat is a quarter of a cow?”.

One answer is that a quarter beef will equal approximately 110 pounds of meat, and depending on your processing choices, 5%-50% of that will be ground beef, and the other part will be primal cuts (steaks, roasts, brisket, ribs, etc.).

What cuts do you get with half a cow?

There are lots of cuts of beef you can get from buying half a cow. Steaks such as tenderloin (filet mignon), sirloin steaks, ribeye steaks, strip steaks, skirt, and flank are a few of the options.

What cuts of beef come with a quarter or half beef from your farm: Ground Beef. Steaks Filet Steak Ribeye Steak Sirloin Steak Skirt Steak Strip Steak Round Steak, brisket Roasts Chuck Roast Arm Roast Rump Roast, stew meat, kabob meat, beef ribs, soup bones, and more items.

What to expect when buying a quarter cow?

Twice what is in a half, of course. Will take up almost all of a large upright freezer (20 cu. ft.)Custom Cut to your specifications. Whole beef costs are around $3300 and with butchers fees the total cost is about $3900Whole beef orders require an $800 deposit to secure your order. Pick up at ranch only for Whole Beef orders.

Where can I buy a quarter cow?

You can purchase whole, halves, split halves and quarter carcasses directly from us. Either way your guaranteed fine quality cuts at an affordable price. Wisconsin River Meats will process your cuts with special attention to detail. All of your cuts are “Restaurant Cut” by our professional staff.